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Church & Steeple Cleaning For Beautiful Houses Of Worship In The Lowcountry

Steeple cleaning

We all know that church buildings are havens for the homeless, lonely and less fortunate. They also can become notoriously dirty, which is why we offer church and steeple cleaning services in the Lowcountry. Make sure to give us a call if you're searching for experts that can completely clean the exterior of your church and steeple. You can trust us to keep your church in top shape with industry standard equipment. Our team is made up of experts that have received extensive training and have years of expertise.

We provide the finest cleaning solutions for your church to ensure that its structure remains in excellent condition. We're professionals in the field of exterior cleaning, and we understand what it takes to keep your building looking its best. Elite Softwash & Pressure Cleaning LLC has the best pressure washers in the area for all your church and steeple cleaning needs. Also, customers love us because our service includes more than just church and steeple cleaning; we also offer parking lot washing and more! Call us now 843-719-WASH (9274) or complete our online inquiry form.

Exterior Washing For Churches

We offer professional exterior washing for churches in Moncks Corner and surrounding areas. Our church and steeple cleaning services are available to churches of all sizes and budgets; and as a customer you can count on:

  • Customized solutions
  • Affordable rates
  • Industrial strength pressure washing equipment

Our services are designed to be affordable to your church and will not burden your budget. We also have an excellent track record for timely schedule completion. We believe in providing our clients with a pleasant experience during our visit by being friendly and professional. We're fully insured and fully committed to delivering the best exterior cleaning services to your church. One of the most important parts of keeping your church looking good is having your steeple professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will extend the time between re-cleanings, and ensure that you continue to impress those who visit you. For quality exterior cleaning in the Lowcountry, reach out to our team to schedule an appointment.

Recent Church & Steeple Cleaning Projects

Church Steeple Cleaning in Ridgeville, South Carolina Image

Soft wash to completely kill the organisms growing on the church steeple. Application is done with low pressure (equivalent to garden hose pressure). Most steeples will require equipment rental in order to safely reach and will be added into the cost of the estimate as a […]

Church and Steeple Cleaning in the Lowcountry! Image

Customer was concerned about the appearance of organic growth on their beautiful church and steeple. There was organic growth on just about everything, including the concrete, brick on the building and walkways. They saw our before and after photos online, from past church projects that we have […]

Church Steeple Cleaning in Summerville, SC Image

Thorough exterior cleaning was desperately needed at this beautiful church. Who: David Whitfield What: Deliverance Tabernacle Ministries Church Where: 3190 West 5th North Street, Summerville SC When: 2/21/2021 Why: Removal of organic growth, from outside surfaces of church. Services completed: Church Softwash, Steeple Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning, Metal Building Softwash, Brick Cleaning […]

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